Thursday, 28 February 2013

King's pet

So around two weeks ago I got myself a copy of Tiger king , and sit there looking at it's effect. After looking back and forth between this king and my rabbit deck , I realized that I can use this rabbit for the king's pet.

The main combo is utilizing his pet so he could come up to the field early and start ruling the field with formations , mainly tenki and getting reinforcements from the Core Chimails , focused on the horse and the crusader.

And of course this is the current deck that I run and I'm quite impressed with it's speed and could swarm the field easily with multiple kings , with some hope of course.

This is the deck list I'm using for now but might get improved better as I test it through duels

Monsters : 20
2 Rescue rabbit A.K.A the king's pet
3 Gladiator Beast Andal -> They could get back to the deck in case you got 2 of them 1st hand
3 Vorse Raider -> 1900 DARK beast warrior , viruses , AND could be brought out by king's effect along with Andal
3 Core Chimail Urnight -> swarm engine , OR simply a beatstick
3 Core Chimail Crusader -> Urnight's best partner
2 Core Chimail Rock -> Suicider for core
1 Effect Veiler
2 Tour Guide from the Underworld
1 Night Assailant

Spells :12
2 Forbidden Lance
1 Book of Moon
3 Fire Formation - Tenki -> Main Searcher and one of the combo starter
2 Fire Formation - Tensu -> Another combo starter
2 Iron Core of Core Chimail -> Urnight....
1 Heavy Storm
1 Dark Hole

Trap 8 :
1 Solemn Warning
2 Bottomless Trap hole
2 Fire Formation - Tenken
1 Solemn Judgment
2 Horn of Phantom Beast

Extra 15 :

3 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King ( Boss of this deck) -> still looking for one lol
1 No. 50 Black Corn ( those mines remover )
1 Zenmaines
1 Leviair
2 Utopia
1 Gem Knight Pearl
1 Gladiator Beast Essedarri
2 Gem Knight Emerald -> soon
1 Photon Pappilloperative
1 Leviathan Dragon
1 No. 30 Acid Golem

Well maybe the extras aren't much since I can also got with pure beatdowns.... I also got my side decks for going against Skill drain and stuff , but it's self preferences so I'm not gonna post it here.

I'm looking to go with this deck for this format and going to see what I could do with this deck :)

Friday, 1 February 2013

I'm Back with Hazy Flame

Yep , just like what the title said...

Here I am , back to the world and starting a new journey with ... well not a strong one , but quite good in combo and got a strong card for a boss card.

Hazy Flame

An archetype consisting level 6 FIRE monster that utilize in swarming the field and easy summoning to get the  boss quickly into the field and start rampaging with it.

Hazy Flame Basiltrice requires 2 OR more (max. 5) level 6 FIRE monsters as it's material for XYZ summon. For Basiltrice to get it's effect(s), you need to have at least 3 materials. Doing this might be hard enough knowing that it's a rank 6 XYZ monster and we know that bringing out 3 or more level 6 monsters is hard enough to do. That's when their pillar start to kick in. It's effects lets you to normal summon hazy flame monsters with one less tribute, making it free normal summon and let you to attach 1 Hazy Flame monster from your hand or field to one of you XYZ monster on the field.

Once you get your Basiltrice with at least 4 materials, it turn into almost an impenetrable fortress, and this is one of many way to win in this deck.

This deck mainly focusing on special summoning many level 6s and start XYZ summoning boss monsters such as Bounzer and M7 to control the field.

There are many ways to utilize this deck, but from many cards available , I decide to use Goka and Manticore because all of them are level 6 FIRE monster and have a unique way of special summoning, especially the dumping monster part.

here goes the deck list for my build and still in development progress of course

Some of you might have noticed that I put 1 Plaguespreader and 2 Krebons and might contradict with Griffin but sometimes you just need an emergency wall like krebons or emergency tribute fodder and we can always discard Griffin for Manticore or Peryton 's effect.

Well that's for today and I hope for getting feedback from you guys for this ...

I hope you a happy duel 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Run Out Of Gas...

Hi, I'm blitxerg and maybe this is my last post here :(
it's sad to announce this but this is the only way, since I couldn't keep on posting about yugioh anymore :s

but as I promised last time(yeah it really took a long time) I'll post a decklist for the stun deck
well, maybe this deck looks fragile but it has it's own pace ...

here goes :

Monster :
3 KM Crusader
3 KM Wall
3 KM SandMan
3 Block Golem
3 Gigantes
3 Jujitsu Master
3 Gransoil

1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole

3 Call Of The Haunted
2 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn Judgment
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Torrential Tribute
2 Safe Zone
2 Fiendish Chain

Yes, This is a heavy trap deck so usually you would like to add 1 or 2 night beam to your side deck to destroy your opponent's decree

On a second note, I might moving to a new one and start something new, and will be likely a TCG blog, not only for Yugioh but for other TCGs as well

Last word, may the best duelist win :D

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Let's Rock and Roll!

Few rock supports are included in Return of the Duelist and I think of no other than the old rock stun :D

can't wait for further information about them and soon after that, I'm going to post the deck list :D

Saturday, 24 March 2012


Hi guys, it's me, blitxerg

I know that for a past few months, this blog got no updates at all, and looks like an abandoned blog...

Many things happened...

infernus retired from a duelist, starting to play another card games

tri-edge, he got his own team and blog now so I don't think he won't contribute much for this blog from now on...

Thus leaving only me in charge of this blog...

For me myself I got few things to do in univ, also for these few months I felt that I lost my spirit for duelings...

But then after all I think I will return and once again write on this blog :D

I hope you guys can still visit this blog and be a good blog for you :D

Thanks for our readers, now and then, and let's start the duel!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Xyz Material TCG Official Ruling

ok after a certain someone announce a ruling about Xyz and raise Tour Guide price to 200$, now Konami had announce the official ruling of Xyz, and deny the rule that a certain someone create. Anyway let's go to the main topic shall we? So:

thanks to my team mate, Cosmos whom upload the pict to my Team FB Group.

so basically:
1. no +3 for your Tour Guide + Gold Sarco post PHSW
2. no Tengu spam when you overlay Tengu into an Utopia
3. no Raigeki when you overlay Absolute Zero
4. sent PsZ to the Graveyard when you detach him after Special Summoned him by his own effect
5. sent Quillbolt to the Graveyard when you detach him after Special Summoned him by his own effect
6. bye-bye Tour Guide + Sangan Combo
7. hello Plaguspreader + Quillbolt Combo
8. hello immortal Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
9. bye-bye ******

that's all, so~ Infinitive log out!

Friday, 22 July 2011

massive reprint!! is this troll or...

This is one of the hot topic in TCG teritory now, many people and i mean many is really a lot of people thinking that Konami started to mess with them and troll them by reprinting all of expensive card into a cheap one, which i think that they're... err pathetic, and now i will tell you about my opinion in this mass reprint case.

Well, first thing first i admit that a lot of people were in a big loss because of this reprint, since now Pot of Duality price is no more then just a mere $8.00 (according to internet price), and Kristya price is also get a big drop from $90.00 to $50.00 (you can even get the Super one with only $5.00) but never forget, this is a game dude, not a place to search a profit in the first place, so blame yourself for piled a lot of Kristya and PoD. And now let's get to the main Topic,are we being trolled? or not? well of course the answer is...


They never think to troll their player, i never get what ppl think by saying that they are trolling the player, the answer why they do a massive reprint is first to get a more profit for themself of course, and second to make the access to good card easier, also like i already mention before that this is a game in the first place, so of course they would think how to get more player into their territory, and so of course they gonna do something like this to gather more people to play their game, this is a predictable if you think it carefully.

Also if you look closely at Yu-Gi-Oh! history, you'll recognize one thing about the difference price that TCG and OCG have, how in OCG is really easy to create a competitive deck while in TCG is really hard to create one, and then one name will appear on your mind... If you remember the time when YGO TCG is still in the past era when  how a card with $400.00 Price is not a surprise (looking at how expensive is CCV and DAD when DAD Tele is still dominating), yeah, yeah i know about something like 'seller is the one who decide the price' this is one of wrong though that player had. I mean of course Seller is the one who decide the price, but once again think about it carefully if DAD were never printed in Secret Rare and make it hard to found in it's expansion, will seller place $200.00 for it's price? just think what if DAD printed in rare, of course seller won't place $200.00 on it's price, so rarity is indirectly affected the price, well what's done is done, now let's back to the topic. IMO they wanted to change this perspective of player that think 'only people with a lot of money can play competitive in tournament' though at the past, now with this a lot of reprint (and maybe more reprint in the near future for Warning etc), player didn't have any excuse again for being unskilled by saying 'this card is expensive so i can't buy it!' because  is already and gonna reprint a lot of card!! that's why never think they are trolling you! because what they do is for the sake of this game and for the sake of the competitiveness that this game had! wouldn't it be fun if the tournament get more difficult because now every person can have their own Duality and Kristya (and maybe Warning in near future)? well if you want an easy win and didn't want to compete just play Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 6, it's easier you know?

okay that's all! bye for now guys!